Getting married is a highlight of anyone’s life and the wedding rings are symbols of your undying love for each other, which means they should be special and you can’t beat custom-made wedding rings by a skilled jeweller.

Are custom-made wedding rings more expensive?

We would like to debunk the myth that handmade jewellery is more expensive than off-the-shelf jewellery; prices are similar and when you can design your own wedding ring at no extra cost, it is a no-brainer. If ever there was an occasion for handmade jewellery, a wedding would be it.

Lab-grown diamonds

You may not know that only experts can tell the difference between a lab-grown diamond and one that is naturally found; indeed, both come with GIA certification and both have good investment value. You will get more diamond for your money with lab-grown stones, which is why they are becoming very popular.

How are lab-grown diamonds made?

The exact same processes that nature provides are recreated in a lab environment, extreme heat and insane pressure are created in a special chamber and a small seed diamond is layered gradually over a period of a few months. Click here for further reading about lab-grown diamonds.

Matching wedding rings

Why not commission a leading Australian custom jeweller to hand-craft matching wedding rings? You bet to choose every aspect of the ring design, the metal used, the gemstones and the setting, which is a unique opportunity that you simply can’t pass up. You and your partner can sit down with the custom jeweller and design every aspect of the wedding rings. Tell the jeweller your budget for the project and he will surely oblige.

Special rings for a special occasion

You don’t get married every day and when you approach a leading Australian custom jeweller, you can create a pair of wedding rings that are 100% unique. If you decide on a budget, approach a custom jeweller and see what they can do for that price, you will be pleasantly surprised. Why settle for less than perfection?

Online solutions

It might surprise you to learn that you can commission a custom wedding ring without ever meeting the jeweller face to face. Thanks to Zoom video calls, you can communicate with the jeweller in real time; the first video call is an informal chat for the jeweller to understand the client’s concept; once he knows your budget, the jeweller will put together a computerised design and you can go from there. There might be a few minor changes and when the client is satisfied, the custom jeweller gets to work and before you know it, the ring is ready for a viewing. Click here for further information about gemstones in Australia.

Search online for a leading Australian custom jeweller who works with lab-grown stones and see what they can do for your budget. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by making an enquiry with an established custom jeweller based in Sydney and we feel sure that the perfect diamond wedding ring awaits!