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Healthy meals on the go

  • Written by MISS.com.au

With the arrival of the colder and darker days (sigh), soup season is well and truly upon us. 

Soup is one of life’s greatest comfort foods, yet not everyone has the time to make them from scratch. 

La Zuppa (Italian for soup) takes the stress out of mealtime, providing a vibrant and all natural inclusive range of soups fit for today’s diverse Aussie palates.

- The whole range is dairy, gluten and preservative free

- Catering to a wide range of dietary requirements and taste & wellbeing preferences, whether it be a source of protein, meat-free and plant-powered, fibre-filled or lighter options

- Easy to take on-the-go to work or heat up at home, in two convenient pouch and bowl formats

In time for winter they’ve also got a fresh new look on shelves – see here and tasty new SKUs, including a deliciously light and creamy blend of sweetcorn with succulent chicken in a Chicken & Sweetcorn soup and a delightfully rich tomato puree, brightened with roasted red capsicums and Thai Basil for a delicious twist in the Tomato, Capsicum and Basil soup

Made for convenience cravers reaching for a tasty, all natural bowl of soup for lunch or a quick and easy pouch dinner packed with nutritional benefits, La Zuppa offers a fresh twist on the original ready meal. 

The brand’s recipes are divided into three chapters, each reflecting a generation of the founding family – from Nonna’s feel-good favourites like Tuscan Chicken & Vegetable to the experimental flavours of a younger generation of global explorers like a Moroccan-Style Pumpkin & Chickpea Soup

Available now nationwide at Coles, Woolworths and selected independent retailers, they’re a super reasonable and accessible healthy meal option for when you’re on the go.

La Zuppa Soup Range

Chapter 1, Italian Traditions:

  • La Zuppa Italian Chunky Tomato & Veg Soup Pouch
    • A wholesome boost from La Zuppa’s family cookbook, full of Mediterranean vegetables and white beans.
  • La Zuppa Rustic Vegetable & Bean Soup Pouch
    • A perfectly simple traditional soup, rich in rustic vegetables and borlotti beans for a taste of rural Italy.
  • La Zuppa Tuscan Chicken & Vegetable Soup Pouch
    • A country cooking classic that transports you to the warmth of a Tuscan kitchen. A delicious blend of chicken and vegetables with wholesome brown rice.
  • La Zuppa Minestrone Soup Bowl
    • This twist on time-honoured minestrone is a firm family favourite. A nutritious blend of vegetables and beans made to an authentic Italian recipe.


Chapter 2, Hearty Classics:


Chapter 3, Global Adventures:

  • La Zuppa Californian-Style Kale & Quinoa Pouch
    • Our version of a favourite uplifting lunch that was discovered in LA! A broth bursting with vegetables and wholegrains, a nutritional combination of kale, quinoa, lentils and vegetables.
  • La Zuppa Mexican-Style Bean & Rice Soup Pouch
    • This rich and hearty tomato and kidney bean soup transports you straight to Mexico. A rich and generous soup spiced with cumin and coriander.
  • La Zuppa Moroccan-Style Pumpkin & Chickpea Soup pouch and Bowl
    • Rich in aromatic warmth, our lightly spiced pumpkin and chickpea soup was inspired by a trip to Marrakesh.
  • La Zuppa Thai Coconut & Chicken Curry Soup Pouch
    • Discovered on travels to Thailand, this zesty soup is now a favourite in the La Zuppa cookbook. Zesty lemongrass and creamy coconut milk combined with chicken and vegetables to bring you an authentic taste of Thailand.
  • La Zuppa Malaysian-Style Curry Laksa Bowl
    • Wonderfully fragrant from our freshly made yellow curry paste with a mild chilli kick.