Active Wear

The innovative activewear that stops sweat marks

  • Written by MISS.com.au

There is nothing worse than finding sweat patches in places you may not particularly want them to be seen after finishing a workout. Whilst sweating is absolutely a healthy part of life when we are being active, some women prefer them not to be seen.

These days it is common for activewear to not only be clothing for workouts but also for lifestyle wear, particularly for women who are busy getting errands done. Idea Athletic provide a fashionable approach to an issue that some women face post working out.

Having an outfit that you can workout in and continue to wear should you need to go somewhere after without pesky visible sweat marks where you don’t want them, is an absolute game changer.

Idea Athletic designs feature their own Australian innovation patented sweat-absorbing bamboo lining throughout the bust, crotch and rear panels called InvisiSweat. The bamboo design absorbs sweat, minimising vis