Finder launches Season 2 of ‘Two Broke Chicks’ Podcast with Nova Entertainment

  • Written by MISS.com.au

After a killer season one, Finder has today announced that its podcast series ‘Two Broke Chicks’ is back and badder than ever. 

In partnership with Nova Entertainment, the podcast shares life lessons for the gals, from the gals and is hosted by journalists Sally McMullen and Alex Hourigan.

Two Broke Chicks aims to fill a void in the podcast world for young women who want to tackle life’s challenges head on – from careers and finances, to relationships and shopping carts.

This season, the two 20-somethings are kicking things up a notch by dropping not one but two episodes every Tuesday and Thursday. 

As well as their regular full-length episodes, the BFFs will be releasing a mini episode each week. This includes a brand new ‘Add To Cart’ episode, where the gals quiz their guests on their wardrobe must-haves, beauty essentials, and shopping regrets. Listeners will get a peek into their faves’ shopping carts and hot takes to get the best bang for their buck. 

“No hashtag ad. No hashtag spon. Our guests will be dropping their genuine ride or die products and top tier shopping hacks every week,” says Al. 

The other new mini episode on the block is ‘Fact or Cap', where Sal and Al will put a viral challenge to the test to see if it’s a fad or worth the hype. 

Throughout the season, the chicks will be joined by the likes of Cartia Mallan and Ashton Wood (hosts of the Common Chaos podcast), Flex Mami (author, DJ, podcaster, TV host), and Rowi Singh (beauty, style artist and podcaster). 

Alex Hourigan and Sally McMullen

From building quality relationships and travel horror stories, to tried-and-tested tips to get your finances under control, Sal and Al along with their guests will continue to share (and overshare) their life lessons to help Gen Z and Millennial women live their best lives.

“We know that your twenties can be bloody tough. Basically we’re dishing the life lessons we’ve learned the hard way to help make it that little bit easier for our chicks listening,” says Sal. 

Kane Reiken, NOVA Entertainment’s Digital Audio Commercial & Network Director said, “We are proud to again partner with Finder for Season Two of Two Broke Chicks. Sally and Alex don’t hold back, exploring topics and conversation which really matters to young women which creates a powerful contextual opportunity for brands to reach these engaged audiences.”

They’ll also be giving lucky fans the chance to win 1 of 3 $1,000 vouchers by listening and sharing the show to their Instagram story and tagging @twobrokechicks. 

‘Two Broke Chicks’ season 2 kicks off on 22 February 2022 and is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and all major podcast platforms.