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How to set your fitness goals

  • Written by Ben Lucas, founder of Flow Athletic

Whilst summer approaches, now is the time many people look to set their summer fitness goals before they begin to think about their new years fitness goals. Setting yourself goals should encourage the start of a healthier lifestyle – here are 5 tips on setting yourself some fitness goals as we approach the end of the year:

Be realistic

Whilst its easy to sit down and write yourself a handful of exercises and goals that you would like to achieve within a week or a month, you also need to be realistic. Our bodies naturally fluctuate with hormones and even sometimes depending on the weather or what we eat, our bodies will react differently each week. Setting yourself goals that are too high might just cause disappointment in the long run, instead try setting yourself some small targets each week whether that be a 5km run you can achieve over the whole week rather than a day.

Make it yours

Another tip to remember when setting yourself fitness goals is that you should be working towards goals that work for you, not anybody else. Of course, feel free to take inspiration from other people however ensure that you are staying true to your own abilities rather than trying to match that of others.

Be flexible

Rather than setting an exact type of workout for that day i.e a run – instead make your goal more broad by listing it as ‘cardio’ rather than specifying exactly what you should do. This gives you more flexibility to be creative in how you undertake that cardio session depending on how your body is feeling. A run, walk, bike ride – whichever you choose, your cardio goal can still be achieved.

Don’t rush

One thing to remember about goals is that they don't always have to meet a certain date. Many people tend to put deadlines on their goals and try to reach them within a month or two, however healthy living is a long game that shouldn't be rushed. When setting your goals, set them without deadlines so they can continue to roll over each month which will encourage you to be your healthiest self.

Remembering your drive

Whilst some people can achieve their fitness goals without any issues, many people also struggle with reaching theirs. Remember to not be too hard on yourself and remember what it is that drove you to set these goals in the first place. Self reflection is also an important step to being your healthiest self.

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