Clean beauty ingredients are derived from natural sources that are non-toxic. It seems crazy to think that conventional beauty companies are still using ingredients we can barely pronounce and don’t really understand what we’re putting on our skin. Not all clean beauty brands are created equal so it’s important to do your research.

One brand that’s getting a lot of press for using clean beauty ingredients that actually work is 
Hey Bud Skincare. They harness the power of hemp and the rave reviews speak for themselves. The before and after photos showcase the power of the non-toxic beauty range—no photoshop or filters used—and the results are nothing short of amazing. It’s a complete online lovefest.

But let’s take a closer look at some of the clean beauty ingredients that are helping users get the results they haven’t experienced previously.

Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp and cannabis plants are from the same plant family, but different. The biggest difference is the amount of THC (the part of the plant that provides the natural high).

Studies on the effect of hemp seed oil found the omega fatty acids found in hemp have proved useful in treating a range of inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

Organic Matcha Green Tea
Who knew that green tea could be highly beneficial for your skin? 
Matcha comes from the crushed leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. With concentrated amounts of chlorophyll, (a natural plant ingredient needed for photosynthesis), Chlorophyll helps offer protection from the sun, which can mean less fine lines and UV damage.

Organic Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is one of the most known botanicals used in skin care. Because the spicy succulent tends to store water it’s renowned for its powerful moisturising benefits. 
Clinical trials revealed Aloe Vera gels and creams can improve wound healing, can provide relief from psoriasis and eczema, and soothe sunburn.

Bentonite Clay
Bentonite Clay has been an elixir for a range of skin ailments for many years. It’s derived from old volcanic ash and boasts antibacterial and ant-inflammatory properties and traces of zinc, iron and calcium. Some people have been known to eat it (not recommended), but when used on your skin, it draws out and absorbs acne-causing dirt and oil. Bentonite clay may provide relief from contact dermatitis, nappy rash, allergic reactions to stinging nettle, skin infections, ulcers and sun protection.

Goji Extract
Goji berries are touted as an antioxidant and certainly taste delicious when added to your favourite Acai bowl. 
Goji berry provides fatty acids to benefit your skin which help hydrate and enhance its barrier. While they are exceptionally potent, they work best when combine with other clean beauty ingredients such as hemp seed oil and matcha tea.

Kakadu Plum Seed Oil
Is there anything more Australian than 
Kakadu Plum seed oil? Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E, the Kakadu plum is said to reverse aging symptoms. It’s been used to brighten dark and baggy eyes and has been proven useful for treating psoriasis.